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Everything you need for your Spa, Hot Tubs, Stove, and Fireplace.

We carry a wide variety of accessories and supplies for your spa, hot tub, stove, and fireplace. We understand the importance of maintaining and keeping your equipment in good condition, so we offer a comprehensive range of items specifically designed for optimal performance.

Spa & Hot Tub Supplies

Whether you’re a new hot tub owner or a seasoned pro, having the right hot tub supplies and accessories is essential for ensuring that your hot tub remains a relaxing and enjoyable part of your home. We carry hot tub and spa supplies such as filters, chemicals, and water testing kits essential for maintaining clean water and preventing harmful bacteria and debris buildup. In addition, our covers, handrails, and steps are crucial accessories for protecting your hot tub and making it easy to use.



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SpaGuard® Sanitizer

Bacteria thrive in hot water. To keep spa water protected all of the time, a sanitizer is needed even if the spa is equipped with an ozone system. SpaGuard offers three primary sanitizers:

Brominating Concentrate

The strongest bacteria fighter with powerful granules that is extremely easy to use. Brominating Concentrate is applied in the correct amount while the pump is running.

Brominating Tablets

The power of an organic brominating compound (BCDMH) compressed into 1-inch tablets that dissolve slowly and protect continuously. Brominating Tablets are particularly good for commercial spas and other spas with big bather loads.

Chlorinating Concentrate

The sanitizing power of chlorination in concentrated granules that dissolve quickly and completely.

O-Care - Spa Water Care

Experience the wonders of O-Care, a remarkable spa water solution that diminishes your reliance on harsh chemicals for your hot tub. This natural alternative is incredibly gentle and safe for your skin, providing a soothing experience that leaves you feeling velvety smooth and free from any unwanted odors

O-Care Weekly Spa Care Kit

With this kit, you can enjoy its benefits for an extended period of 3 to 5 months. It consists of two generous bottles, each containing 2 liters (68oz) of the solution.

SpaGuard® Oxidizers

When people use spas, they leave undesirable compounds like body oil, perspiration and cosmetics that can irritate skin, burn eyes and create odors. Oxidizing, also known as shocking the water, removes these compounds and restores water clarity and comfort. An oxidizer should be used weekly in most residential spas and more frequently in heavily-used or commercial spas.

Enhanced Shock™

Every spa needs to be shocked to eliminate undesirable compounds that build up with use. Enhanced Shock allows you to quickly shock your spa and re-enter in just fifteen minutes as long as the free chlorine is in the appropriate range.

SpaGuard® Spa Shock

This non-chlorine shock is the ideal oxidizer for spas with an ionizer unit. It makes undesirable compounds disappear.

SpaGuard® Balancers

Balanced water is essential to soaker comfort, water clarity, sanitizer efficiency, and the longevity of spa surfaces and equipment. The SpaGuard family includes products to manage that balance:

Spa Sentry™

pH is the most critical factor because it changes rapidly when bathers, products or other elements enter the water. Spa Sentry will help lock pH in place.

pH Increaser

Raises the pH and helps prevent corrosion.

pH Decreaser

Lowers the pH and helps prevent the formation of calcium scale.

Total Alkalinity Increaser

When total alkalinity is in balance, it stabilizes the pH to minimize the risks of corrosion, scale and soaker discomfort.

Calcium Hardness Increaser

Raises calcium levels to prevent the corrosion that “soft” water can cause.

SpaGuard® Accessories

The SpaGuard line of cleaners and clarifiers improves the water’s appearance, extends filter performance, and protects spa surfaces.

Stain & Scale Control

SpaGuard Stain & Scale Control does a great job of preventing scale by introducing powerful agents that sequester calcium ions in your spa water.

Off The Wall®

Efficiently remove scale, dirt, and stains on most types of pool and spa surfaces including vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces.

Natural Spa Enzyme™

Eliminates oils before they collect at the waterline or clog the filter by converting them into carbon dioxide and other easy to remove compounds.

Filter Cleaner

Chemically break-down oils and dirt that stay embedded in your filter’s fabric.

Anti Foam

Quickly eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds and detergents.

Water Freshener

SpaGuard Water Freshener works well with any sanitizer and eliminates odors, restoring the naturally clean smell of the water.