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SIT Total System Control

Controls at your fingertips — Adjust both fan and flame levels with one convenient handheld remote. The Total System Control module also offers thermal shutdown and a childproof lock. 

Variable Speed Fan

Maintain even, precise temperatures — The stove’s blower fan offers three speed settings to help you evenly distribute hot air throughout your room. 

4-Piece Split Oak Log Set

Authentic look — The Radiance® direct vent stove features a remarkably realistic 4-piece Split Oak log set. The added level of detail brings rustic warmth and charm to your décor. 

Proudly Made In Vermont

Signature Vermont Castings style — The tradition of quality cast iron lives on in these direct vent gas stoves, which feature the unique detailing and solid construction that Vermont Castings is known for. 

Reduced Clearances

Flexible installation options — These direct vent gas stoves offer simple venting options that require less clearance, so they are perfect forsmaller spaces. 

Operable Front Doors

Open-door viewing — Simply swing open the two front doors for an unobstructed look at the Radiance® stove’s realistic gas flames.


Transitional Door Model to Suit Any Space

Cleaner lines, an unobstructed view of the fire and an updated look give this classic stove the style to fit any design or decor.
FlexBurn® Combustion System 
VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! More flexibility with two ways to heat —Converts from catalytic to non-catalytic operation in less than one minute! 

Eco-Friendly Design

Made green — Our stoves are made from 100% recycled materials and production processes use renewable energy. 

High Efficiency Operation

Save money while heating your home — More heat from less wood means savings of up to $300 or more during an average New England winter and up to $1,400 in fuel costs.* *When used in catalytic mode over 5 years. 

Top Load Design

Enjoy longer burn times — Fills to nearly 100% of its capacity so you don’t have to load as often. 

Easy Maintenance

VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! Easy to clean and maintain — Easy access to the catalyst and combustion chamber without the use of any tools. 

Thermostatic Air Control

VERMONT CASTINGS EXCLUSIVE! in Non-Catalytic Mode — Your stove won’t overwork and you’ll enjoy longer, more even burn temperatures in catalytic and (for the first time) in non-catalytic mode! 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed to last — Vermont Castings boasts the most comprehensive warranty in the industry with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all castings, combustion systems and door glass. 

Hand-Crafted Details

The traditional beauty of hand-crafted cast iron is our passion. We’re committed to delivering a beautiful product that you can proudly showcase in your home. 


Heats up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Heat your whole home — Vermont Castings coal stoves efficiently deliver the heat you need to blanket your entire house in warmth and comfort. 

Up to 18 hours of Burn Time

More heat on a single load — Add long-burning, anthracite coal in the morning, and this stove will provide continuous heat into the evening. 

Automatic Thermostat

More even temperatures — The thermostat automatically regulates the stove’s air intake over time for more stable heating that makes the most efficient use of your fuel. 

Top Load Design

Clean and convenient loading — Adding coal through the top helps you keep your stove area clean and makes it easier to add more fuel whenever you need to. 

MHSCWebImages3_P_full“Shaker” Grate System and Swing-out Ash Pan

Easy operation and maintenance — This stove features a special grate system for shaking ashes down into the large swing-out ash pan, so it’s easy to keep clean even with frequent use.

Durable Cast Iron Construction

Long-lasting quality — Made from high-quality cast iron that’s 100% recycled, this coal stove provides dependable heating throughout its years of service.

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